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One more...

Of all the villains and heroes that ever appeared on the Teen Titans show, which two are your absolute favorites and why? (Pick one villain and one hero.)
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hmm. does terra count as a villian or a hero?
really, she could go either way.
considered as a villian, she's one of my favorites.
as a hero, i'm not too sure.
Well, I think that even though Terra turned bad for a while, she was really still good at heart. Kinda like Darth Vadar. But I guess she would count for both a villain and a hero since she has been both. I agree that she was way cooler as a villain though.
i dont know, the concept that she was "good at heart" could be arguable. i mean, yeah, she turned around and changed her mind, but only when she started getting hurt. it's easy to switch sides when the one you're on starts to become inconvienent for you. under the circumstances, her true motives are questionable.

honestly, i don't think she even knows what side she was truly on, and i think that's what i love about her.

as a villian, she was mallicious, cruel, and cunning. as a hero, she was unsure of herself and easily manipulated. therefore, terra as villan > terra as hero. =]
That's true... I never quite thought about it like that. Still, she never actually killed the Titans, she just put them in a subterranean pit. Plus, she had a lot of help from Slade with that little suit, which probably contributed a lot to her success as a villain.
that's true. she really wasn't especially powerful either way. in fact, i don't know why everyone was so impressed with her. her powers really aren't that cool. i mean, i wouldn't be complaining if i had them, but they're nothing compared to starfire or raven's powers.
I dunno, I think that Starfire and Terra are about the same as far as power goes, but yeah, I see what you mean. Raven is the most powerful of them all as far as I'm concerned.
i have to disagree with you there. i think starfire is definitely far more powerful than terra. i will agree that raven is by far the most powerful, not only of the girls but of everyone on the show, especially considering some of the characters *cough* robin *cough* don't even really HAVE any powers. however, i think starfire's the best at controlling her powers, out of the three girls, anyway, and she could totally kick terra's ass.
Starfire does have more raw power than Terra, truly, but she never really chooses to use all of it. Normally, she's just kinda pitiful and barely tries, and then gets taken out early in the battle. The only times when she has shown her full abilities were when she fought her sister for control of Tamaran, and when she and the other titans beat up Terra through the mist. Starfire probably could beat Terra if she would actually really try hard enough. Can you see what I'm getting at?
yeah, i definitely know what you mean. starfire's very powerful, but she tends to have less motivation to fight than the others. she doesn't really like to use all of her power, or maybe she doesn't feel strongly enough too, since her powers are controlled by emotions, and that's why robin usually ends up having to save her. i find that kind of stupid though, because starfire could probably beat robin in a heartbeart. but she'd rather be saved by him.
right. :]

ha, it's funny how the discussion we've been having in these comments is completely irrelevant to the debate topic from the post. :P
Yeah. Strange how that happens?
yup. i enjoyed this discussion anyway, though. :] perhaps next time we can stay on topic better.


12 years ago

Raven and Terra. Hands down. I love Raven's powers and mystery, not to mention the wicked costume! Evil!Terra will always have a place in my heart. Powerful, heartless; she made an awesome villain.