Rachael-Sama (dreamon234) wrote in titandebateclub,

my goodness! Sorry it took me so long to post the winner. i've been awful busy.

Many votes, but by a landslide the winner was sky_complex created by deathscythe.

I am making deathscythe a temporary mod so they can upload the layout they ahve created (and yes, i'd love a sidebar ^^) . MY email's not the best and this computers rather old, so it'll be hard for me to upload and everything . . . you udnerstand.

The other layout for second place is asianpixie by moonrise which was just as gourgeous as the other! They both did a wonderful job. I'll be getting them both banners (well, once i get back from NY in a week). And i'll try and include something extra in there just for them.

Thanks a ton guys! You did great.
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